"The thing is, I really like you. At least I think I do. Maybe it's just me that I like when I'm around you. I've been so miserable these past few years, but when I'm with you I can honestly say I'm happy, but I think I'm a bit confused. It doesn't help that your disgustingly beautiful. Knowing my luck I'm probably just really shallow and I only like you because you're hot."

"But you're my teacher" I said.

"Yes, I know. That's what makes it so hard"

"And my uncle."

"And your uncle".

"What do you think my dad would say if he knew you were telling me this?" I asked him.

"I've been more of a father to you than he ever has, but maybe you shouldn’t tell him." he said. I couldn't argue with that, but I was still sure I shouldn't sleep with him.

Jane, Surrey.

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