“Well, this is my sex shed.” I said. “Built it myself.”
“Looks like a normal one to me. There’s not even a bed.” She quipped.
“Appearances can be decieving. Just ignore all the tools and let the smell of petrol wash away your inhibitions.”
“What makes it a sex shed then?”
“Once you’re in it you have to have sex.” I said, unbuttoning my shirt.
“Well I’m not having sex with you.” She replied, folding her arms.
“I’m sad to say that you very much will be.” I slid shut the bolt on the door and lit a scented candle. “What did you think I meant when I said ‘do you want to see my sex shed’?”
“I’ll cry rape! You’ll go to prison for ten years!”
“Lady, you’re in a sex shed. There’s not a judge in the country who wouldn’t laugh you out of their courtroom. Now just relax and try not to step on that rake.”

Peter, Oldham.


  1. I'm not sure if this is terrifying or funny.

    Terrifyingly funny?

  2. Hey, you know what's hilarious? Rape! Especially when you make fun of how the legal system often blames and dismisses the claims of rape victims! And also especially when you suggest that the woman isn't actually, you know, raped but merely "crying rape"! Those bitches, always crying rape just because you lock them in a room and force them to have sex with you. Hilarious.

  3. Hey, he's lampooning the prejudice inherent in the system. You've got it all wrong.

  4. Note to self: build sex shed