Trapped within a prison of my own imagining I sought help in a nearby fishing village. In my desperation I befriended an Ethiopian boy named Gustav. Were in not for Gustav I do not believe that I would be here today. He brought me fish and bread. As days turned into weeks I fell in love with Gustav. When he brought me news that the Peruvian warships were heading to these waters I fashioned a plasma cannon out of a turn of the century steel ion compressor. Hungry to see the Peruvian emperor in person I clothed myself in some of Gustav's late father's fishing rags and headed to the docks. Amongst the crowd I saw his smiling face. This was not the man who had betrayed me three years previously. Reluctant to assassinate him without answers I snuck aboard his ship. For three months I lay quiet in the cargo hold. When the ship finally surfaced at New Tokyo I ....

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