Anyone who says that they don't want to live forever is a liar. You can't trust a liar, they tell too many lies. I've always been a big fan of the radio, long wave, short wave, car, shower, clock, all of them. When I die I plan on strapping myself to one thousand radios. If my calculations are correct, my essence, my very being, the stuff that makes me who I am, will be uploaded into the air, the place where radio waves live and dance.

In short, I will live forever as a radio wave, hidden amongst the frequencies, trapped within the sounds. From there I will be able to enjoy an eternity listening to songs and phoning up talk radio stations, where as a deceased man I will tell the world what it's like being dead and how things were much better in the Old Days. With a bit of luck I'll get my own Podcast and become something of a celebrity.

Dexter, London.

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  1. is this what you meant? http://rsw.cc/