Tom Cruise and I go way back. When I first met Tom back in the early 80s he was only going by the name Tom. I suggested the Cruise part to give him some edge. Back then he had very little edge. I've guided him through his career like an angel of some sort.

When he started shooting Top Gun he wanted to do all the plane scenes on a motorbike. "Just launch me in the air" he'd say "I'll stay up. Just watch me." Luckily I convinced him to stick to the plane for the flying scenes.

After being cast in Interview With A Vampire, he rewrote the script to include the line "I vant to suck your blood" everytime he bit someone's neck. Luckily I intercepted the script before it reached the director and the movie went ahead as planned.

I remember when he got offered the role Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible, he flat out refused to do it. I told him it would be the biggest mistake of his career, but he said if he played a spy in a film he'd never get to become a spy in real life, because people would recognise him. I had to beg Nicole to talk him around. She was always very supportive of his ideas.

I'll never forget the time he wanted to play Jerry Mcguire black. "It's ok" he said "Nobody'll get offended, because we'll get Cuba to play it white."

It's not just his work he has a bad instinct for. Before he got with Katie Holmes he wanted to find a really old woman to marry. I told him he'd be better off getting a young one. He wasn't keen, but I said I'd consider it my birthday present if he did. He's a nice guy though, so he still bought me a present that year.

Dennis, LA.

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