A man walks into a bar. He's crying. He walks up to the barman, orders a Jack Daniels and Coke, and begins to tell the barman the tale of how he just found his wife in bed with his best friend. After eight JDs he's really sobbing heavily, so the barman puts his hand on the man's shoulder and says "Come on, mate, it'll be alright". The man completely misjudges the situation and leans over the bar and kisses the barman. The barman recoils in horror. "I'm sorry! I'm not gay!" says the man, "I'm just confused". Now, the barman is a sympathetic barman, but he's also an old fashioned barman. He's got no time for gays, same sex marriages and "all that other queer nonsense" as he calls it. As his homophobic hysteria reaches a climax, he pulls a baseball bat from behind the bar and smashes the man on the head with it. Killing him instantly.

Anthony, Wales.

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