I wanted to give my daughter the best 16th birthday present in the world, which is why I started planning it even before she was born. Her father jumped ship as soon he found out I was pregnant, so I had to plan it all on my own, but I thought that this present would be so good, it would make up for sixteen years of growing up without a father.

As soon as she was born I took her home and put her in her room. It was painted with just two colours, black and white. I made sure that she wouldn't leave her room for sixteen years. There were no windows and the door had fourteen locks. I'd told everyone that I'd lost the baby during the birth. She was my little secret. For sixteen years she would live in this room of black and white. Then on May 1st 1999, her 16th birthday, I would unlock all fourteen locks and set her free. I would give her colour. Imagine it, living your whole life in just two colours, then bam! someone throws a rainbow in your face. It really would have been the best present anyone in the world would have ever been given. It never happened though. Stupid social services sticking their stupid noses where they weren't wanted.

Mary, Bradford.

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  1. Jackson- mary and the black and white room.