When their fiery red ships enter our atmosphere, the time will come for every man to stand tall and every nation to unite against our common foe, the Martians of Mars, but I will do no such thing.

When they exit their ships and begin to feast on our young, parents will cry out in despair, but I will remain silent.

When they kick down my door and melt my walls with lasers of green, my family will fight for all their worth until their dying breaths, but I will stand still.

When they pull off my arms and suck out my brain, they will expect me to be afraid, but I will be calm.

Then, when I get to Heaven and God says to me "Son, why did you not unite with your brothers when they needed you most? Why did you not cry out in despair at the sounds of the dying young? Why did you stand apart from your family as they lived their final moments? And why were you not afraid as they sucked out your brain and pulled off your arms?"

I will say "I thought I was being Punk'd"

A. James, Boston.

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