I'm not a very good writer, but I had a wonderful idea for a love story, so I wrote a book. It was rubbish, the pacing was all wrong, the grammar stunk and the dialogue was completely unbelievable, but I felt there was enough in the plot to try to get it published.

I knew someone in publishing, so that was easy enough, I just needed a way to get the love story across, so that it wasn't buried under my terrible writing style.

What I needed was a font, a font so powerful that it would leave the reader heartbroken. I scrolled through Microsoft Word, but there were none up to the task. I took it upon myself to create a font from scratch.

Six weeks later I had it. It was breathtaking, the Os, the Es, the Ys, oh, the Ys. You've never seen anything like them. I loved it so much that I decided to use it on the front cover. It was a terrible mistake, because, by them time anyone had finished reading the title, they were so emotionally drained they couldn't face reading the book.

G. Perry, Camden.

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