"You're on fire, mate." he said.

"Not literally, though?" I asked.

"Yes, literally!" He said. "Look at your arm" As I looked down I could see that he was right. It appeared that the fire had started somewhere around my wrist and had slowly moved its way up towards my elbow, leaving my hand burnt to a crisp, and not looking too disimilar to a giant crows foot, if such a thing exists.

"That's strange." I said. "I wonder why it isn't hurting" I thought aloud.

"But I think it is hurting, mate. Look at your eyes! You're crying". I gazed into the mirror that he was holding in front of my face and sure enough there were tears falling down my cheeks in quick succession.

"That's weird" I said. And do you know what? It was weird.

Arnold, Peterborough.

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