I'm a thinker, that's what I do. In the late 80s when they came to me about the
Berlin Wall and asked:

"What should we do?"

I said:

"Tear it down".

People are always coming to me for ideas, some of my ideas are too advanced for the mind of the modern man. When asked to solve the ever increasing population crisis I told them that we needed to completely rethink the way we exist.

Step One -

On the day of a couple's marriage, their minds will be merged into one brain inside one body. The redundant body will be cast into the sun.

Step Two -

They will give birth to as many children as they wish, but on the sixth birthday of each child, their mind will be merged with the mind inside the body of the eldest child. Thus all of their children will exist in one human sized container. The excess bodies will be cast into the sun.

The world was not ready for my two step solution. People just want a quick fix.

Dr. Homaskis, Tibet.

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