I know a thousand pounds isn’t a lot to pay for superpowers, but it’s still a lot of money. I cannot help but feel that these new superpower vending machines are not all they are cracked up to be. Maybe if they didn’t only have them at carnivals they would be a bit better.

I was disappointed with my first one. It took me the entire summer to save up that
£1000. I must have mowed about fifty lawns and painted sixty fences, so it was understandable that when I was granted the power of catching I felt ripped off. Sure, I’d never drop an object again, no matter what its size or shape was, but it’s not the kind of thing a kid dreams about every minute of the day.

I convinced my dad to give me £1000 when the carnival came again, but it meant I wouldn’t get a Christmas or birthday present that year. It was worth the risk, I thought. Sadly the ability to know when any person is checking their hotmail is the worst ever superpower.

Dunbar, Carmarthen.

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