Back in the 80s and 90s people were always impressed if you worked in computers. Old people were especially impressed, but even teenage girls were in awe of a man who was handy with a mouse. You’d be sitting in I.T. class watching your teacher flirting with the most attractive girls and thinking “Damn, that man’s got girl skills and computer skills. He’s like James Bond.” Even when he got suspended you just knew that he’d land on his feet, he could just go freelance with his computer know-how, like a rogue agent working for the Russians.

By the time I got my PHD in computer engineering it was 2001 and everybody was already working in computers. It was like being a soldier back in World War II, nobody cared. So, now, when people ask me what I do for a living I say “I work as a computer.”
“You work in computers?” they always reply.
“No. I am a computer.”
“Wow.” They say. “Is there a lot of money in that?”
“Yes.” I tell them. “Lots.”

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  1. I've ofte been told there is a lot of money in computers. Having taken mine apart, I can tell you there isnt. Just lots of wires and shit.