Oh, Lord. Why? Why? Why? You know that thing when you're walking down a street and someone is walking towards you and your paths are going to collide and you get caught in a left and right dodge vortex? Of course you do, you know everything. You go left, he goes right, you got right, he goes left. Or maybe she's a woman and she goes left and you go right. Where does it end? Just there for some people. Sadly for me I am cursed, cursed like a Greek. I am so aware of my walking that I spot a potential never ending shuffle from almost a mile off. I have to plan my path hundreds of yards in advance. On Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon I have to calculate my next thousand steps in my head or I'll be trampled like a fish. It's like a complicated game of chess, but sadly I'm very bad at chess. I'm ok at Frogger though, but nobody ever won the heart of a beautiful woman by being the Grandmaster of Frogger. Not yet, anyway.

John, Cardiff.

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