There was a teenage chav chatting to the bus driver on my bus earlier. There's a sign saying not to do that, but the youth of today don't care much for signs. He said "So, drive, is there more money driving a taxi or driving a bus?"

"Bus" replied the driver.

"That's good" responded the chav. It was good. "It's easier as well, is it, because you know where you're going?"

I thought the kid was going to carry on by saying:

"The way I see it, there are three kinds of people in life; train drivers, bus drivers and taxi drivers. Train drivers have no say in where they're going. They're on tracks. Their whole lives are steady and safe They never need to make big decisions and change and freedom are foreign words to them. They accept their fate. Then there's bus drivers, they're stuck on their route, but as long as they hit their stops they could probably change things about if they wanted. They feel in control whilst being under the control of bus stops. Finally there's taxi drivers, they have the illusion of freedom. They can go anywhere at anytime, but ultimately they're being told where to go by the passengers. Maybe they're in the worst position. I don't know. All I know is nobody is really free in this life. Control is an illusion, some people accept it and stick to the tracks, others think that the roads can lead them anywhere, but roads can only take you where the roads want you to go."

He didn't say that though. He said "Do you wanna buy a Nokia 3310?".

Charlies, West Midlands.

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