I've always had a mild suspicion that if I passed a ringing phonebox the caller would be me from the future. Who would know my exact location in the present better than me in ten or twenty years? Lots of people, I suppose, but I'd never had chance to put my theory to the test, because I've never passed a ringing phonebox.

Never until today! Ring, ring! Ring, ring. That was the sound I'd been waiting to hear. I rushed to the phonebox, took a deep breath and took the call. It wasn't me from the future though. It was me from the past. He wanted to know where I'd put the disc to Grand Theft Auto. It was in the case for the hit film Anaconda starring Jennifer Lopez and either John Voight or Dennis Hopper. I forget which.

I wonder how he knew where I'd be. The only logical conclusion I could come up with is that me from the future told him, but if that's true he could have just asked the future me where the disc was. That must mean that I'm going to forgot where I put the disc when I get older. Curse my memory!

Ted, Barnsley.

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