I almost remember the days when there were no mobile phones and if you wanted to call someone you had to remember their phone number.

I sort of remember the days before satelite navigation when you had to learn where everything was and remember the directions to get there.

Technology took away our need to remember a lot of things. Then apple brought out the ipod feel, which slotted into the brain. It could store up to 50,000,000 songs and 400 emotions. People forgot how to feel. It was good for getting sympathy, because you could bluetooth your grief or and sadness to people, and they could genuinely say "I know how you feel", but there were people who abused the system. Hackers were always cracking people's emotions and sticking them on P2P sites. It's quite unsettling knowing that person sitting opposite you on the tube might be experiencing the joy you felt at the birth of your first child.

William, London.

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  1. Actually this would be an easier way for people to help me with the inner turmoil i am currently undergoing. If i could P2P my emotions to someone else, they cold probably help me sort out so of the reasons to why i feel the way i do.