When Frankie released "Fuck You Right Back" in response to Eamon's number one hit "Fuck It", I warned people that there would come a time when mankind would only communicate through song and not in a loveable Disney kind of way. People would literally record the music and publish it in the hope that the intended recipient would turn on their radio at the right moment to hear it and then book time in the studio to construct their response. People laughed at me. One of them even went as far as divorcing me. She said that wasn't the reason, but what else could there be? I predicted that every person in the world would have a section in HMV devoted to their name. They'd go in once or twice a week, check their pigeon hole and find a pile of conversations ready for their listening. I'll admit that I was a little off with that one, but then Myspace came out and the rest is history.

Ian, Gloucester.

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