I heard a rumour a while back that the Chinese government were trying to raise awareness for Global Warming! by getting every person in China to jump in the air at the same time.

They were all set for for the stunt, but had to abandon it at the last minute, because some man of science had presented the prime minister of China with some crazed findings in the eleventh hour. He said that there was a one in forty four billion chance that when all of China was in the air something might go wrong with the gravity and none of them would ever come back down. The entire Chinese race would just float out of Earth's atmosphere and most likely die, unless something went wrong with outer space causing it to become a liveable habitat, which he calculated at a one in forty five billion chance.

The prime minister said he couldn't take such a gamble, even if the odds were so high, because if something had gone wrong and every man, woman and child in China disappeared from the planet in a publicity stunt gone mad, it would have completely shattered the economy.

Anthony, Brighton.

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