I had a scheme once. I would have made millions from it too if it wasn't for all those things that went against me. I set up a business which would fly you to Vietnam, take you on a tour of all the sites, put you up in a nice hotel for the night and just as you're about to leave one of our trained cutters would cut your face with a knife. Just so that when you got back home you could tell your friends you got your scar in Nam. I thought it would be really popular amongst idiots students, and at first it was. Sadly, by 2012 the idiot students had started to try to lose the stigma of being a bunch of idiots. I was quick to react and cut costs wherever possible. I got rid of the hotel and the site seeing tour, so for two hundred bucks you'd get flown out the Vietnam, cut at the airport and flown straight back. It was never the same after that.

Hank, Texas.

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