The main problem with time travel was that by 2049 it had become so cheap, even the average man on the street could afford it and the average man on the street didn't know the first thing about travelling through time.

Everyday millions of people would try to get to work earlier by travelling to the future, which didn't even make any sense. I guess they thought that by jumping to an a hour ahead they'd already be in work. So, during the rush hour, time travel jams became so congested that the people who were moving through time were going so slowly that they ended up coming out in the past, which meant they were early for work, even though they'd been stuck in traffic for hours. They didn't realise what the were doing, all they cared about was that they were getting to work on time.

Little did they know that they were still ageing normally when they were travelling back in time, so by what they thought was their 40th birthday, they were already 55.

Chris, Harrow.

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