For years I would wake up in middle of the night covered in sweat with the same burning question on my cold, cold mind; could I love a woman if I found out that she was nothing but a robot? This wasn't like finding out that your girlfriend used to be a man with balls and logic, that I could cope with, but to love a woman that was made of wires and chips, was it possible?

I've never been a religious man and I certainly don't believe in a soul, so I didn't have that to worry about, which made it even harder to decide, because I could have immediately dismissed her if she didn't have a soul if and believed in such nonsensical nonsense. Aren't we all just machines of meat and bones at the end of the day? I'd ask myself. As long as she was self aware then there was nothing wrong with it, was there? I just didn't know. Maybe it would just come down to how big her tits were.

I needed to know for sure though, so I built a robot. That was the easy part. The hard part was making me forget she was a robot. Amnesia is no easy thing. It's not like you see on t.v. I had to hit myself on the head five, maybe six times before I forgot everything.

So there I was lying on the floor of my lab all dazed and confused, when who should help me up but my beautiful robot robot. I was captivated by her beauty. She took me to casualty and we bonded as I waited in the ER for four hours. Say what you will about the NHS, but their long waiting times sure do help you full in love with robots.

She was programmed to learn and make her own decisions, in that sense she was as human as me and maybe even you. She was smart, funny and not even a slight racist. She was my perfect woman. I'd even go as far as saying she was my soul mate if I believed souls or if she wasn't a soulless machine.

Within six months we were engaged to be wed. We arranged a winter wedding, because she loved the snow. I'd programmed her to do just one thing other than be completely free to make her own decisions; on the day of our wedding she had to come forward and tell me that she was a robot. God knows why I did such a thing. How was I supposed to explain to 500 guests that the wedding was off because it turned out I'd fallen in love with a robot? I didn't call the wedding of though. I was too shocked and needed time to think. So I spent the entire honeymoon laying on the beach asking myself one burning question; if I found out that my wife was a robot, could I stay married to her? I've been asking myself the same question ever since.

Andrew, Devon.

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