There was a guy in school with me who was a bit of a nobody. He was a nice guy and all, but really boring. Anyway, one night he got struck by lightning and was fortunate enough to come out of the attack with some decent superpowers. He had harnassed the power of electricity. He could move as fast as lightning and shoot bolts of the stuff from his hands. He knew straight away that with great power came great responsibility. He didn't need an uncle to tell him that. The thought of not becoming a superhero didn't even enter his mind. There was just one problem though; would he become an iconic and infallible DC style superhero, or a more human and troubled Marvel style superhero whose powers would get in the way of him dating girls and keeping a job? Marvel or DC? It was that age old question.

He delayed his entrance into crime fighting until he could be sure. Weeks went by and he still couldn't decide. Was he more super or was he more man? Years passed and not once had he used his powers for good.

When he graduated from university with a degree in history he needed to get some money together quickly, so he took on a job in admin to pay off his credit card and overdraft. He was still in the job when he was 25. He worked his way up though, still not sure of what to do with his powers. By the time he was 35 he was the head of his department, starting to go bald and carrying a lot of extra weight. By his 40th birthday, shooting lightning from his hands was just a forgotten memory like his forth kiss or the time he got his hand stuck in a bird's nest.

Isaac, London.

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