September the 11th was always a strange day for me, even before the attack on democracy. I woke up on the first one of the 21st century and found a present and card next to my pillow. The card said "Happy End of Our Relationship". The present was a stuffed bear. I phoned my boyfriend to find out what was going on, all full of panic. He said that he wasn't breaking up with me. He just wanted to celebrate the anniversary of the day our relationship would end. I was angry at him at first, but he took me to Paris the next year. Eventually I grew to look forward to it, because it's always nice to celebrate something and he always went out of his way to do something special. We weren't going to break up anyway, because we were very much in love. Then on the morning of September the 11th 2006 I was woken by the phone ringing. I thought it was going to be my boyfriend wishing me a happy anniversary, but it was the police. He'd jumped in front of a train.

Catherine, London.

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