People say that time travel is impossible, but it's not. I can do it. Please don't ask me how. I just can.

When I was younger I couldn't really control it and I'd just pop an hour into the future or past if there was a lot on my mind. One time I was at the cinema watching the Sixth Sense and I got so scared that I unconsciously skipped to the end of the film, found out that Bruce Willis was a ghost and skipped back. I couldn't help but loudly express my amazement at the twist. It did not go down well. I knew I had to learn to control it then, for fear of ruining every M Night Shyamalan film ever made.

As I've gotten older though I've realised that I shouldn't be messing around with the space time continuum. I could be placing bets on sporting events that I know the results to, but I've seen Back to the Future 2, I've got the trilogy on DVD. I know what could happen. I hardly jump through time at all anymore, maybe if the adverts come on TV I’ll occasionally skip forward a couple of minutes, but with sky+ and that these days it's just as easy tape everything and do it that way.

Mitchell, Liverpool.

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