I was walking through the park a few weeks ago when I found an oil lamp. Being in a curious mood I picked it up and gave it a good old fashioned rub. Nothing happened. I put it back on the floor and carried on walking across the grass. Then I saw something which blew my mind: another lamp. I'd been walking through this park everyday for the past couple of years and not once before had I found a lamp, but on this very day I had seen not one, but two. The odds of this one being a magical lamp were very much in my favour, so I gave it my patented old fashioned rub, and, just as I had hoped, out poured a genie, half man, half gas.

"Congratulations on discovering me, strangely clothed stranger." he said "Your wish is my command. I grant you two wishes"

"Two wishes?" I asked "Aren't I supposed to get three?"

"No, that was the old tarriff. You only get three wishes online. You have now used one wish"

"But I only asked a question" I said.

"Yes, but you wished to know the answer."

"So I've only got one wish left?" I asked.

"Yes." And with that he was gone in a puff of smoke. Easy come easy go, I suppose.

Angus, Norwich.

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