I've been told that people would kill for my "gift", but it's not even a gift. It's more like a curse than a gift, but it's not a curse either. I can talk to animals. People jump to all sorts of conclusions when they find out, because people, like animals, are idiots. They think that just because I can talk to animals I can make them do as I please. "You can talk to humans" I tell them "but they don't carry out your bidding, do they?". They think that I can just start a conversation with any animal and build up a rapport straight away. I can't even talk to the people I work with most of the time, never mind a completely different species. Talking to animals is probably great if you've got something to say, but all it's done for me is multiply the number of things I have to avoid making eye contact with on the bus.

Thomas, Denmark.

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