I went to the uni library this evening. It was quiet, just as a library should be. There was a very different atmosphere because of the high level of darkness in the air.

Anyway, I got on the bus to come home. I sat at the front. One guy decided to stand at the front by the compartment for luggage. His standing was soon interrupted by a man of many years. "You can't stand there" cried the man. His ears were filled with cotton wool and his trousers were designed for a much larger man.

"Ok" replied the man at the front, although he decided to not move and to just carry on listening to his i-pod.

"You can't stand there" cried the man again. At the next stop, another man got on. He too stood at the front. I knew that this would not go down well with Mr Cotton-Wool Ears.

"You can't stand there" he croaked. This had little effect. He arose from his seat
and moved to the front. "There's a seat there" he said. Clearly he was willing to sacrifice his seat just so that nobody would stand at the front.

"It's ok" replied the newest member of the bus, who then carried on with his phone conversation.

Then it happened. Mr Cotton-Wool Ears could take it no more. He placed himself in between the two standing men and began to climb into the luggage compartment. This was no easy feat, he was old. After a lot of struggling, he was in position. Big deal, I hear you think, old people climb into luggage compartments all the time. However, not all old men climb into luggage compartments, lay on their back like a demented tortoise and swing their legs around so that nobody can stand near the front of the bus. This is what he did. Why? I may never know.

David, Leicester.

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