"Lady, I can see through your lies like a cheap window."
"But it's the truth, I swear it is. I swear on my children's lives."
"For all I know you could be one of those people who swears on the lives of their children knowing that their false swearing isn't actually going to cause any harm, and so you do it anyway not caring that it'll make you look like a bad person and a hell of a lot worse mother. You know what I'm saying?" She didn't.
"Ok" I said. "I'll take the case, but it's gonna cost ya; One million dollars"

As she stormed out of my office I looked down at my hands. Were these really the hands of the best detective in town? I'd been in New York for six months and hadn't picked up a single case. Maybe it was because my million dollar fee was too much for Old Average Joe on the street.

All I know is that eventually some rich fool is gonna come along and be stupid enough and desperate enough to pay me my million dollars and I'll never have to work again. Patience, that's all you need in this game, patience.

Mickey, New York.

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