After World War IV the American government will be faced with a terrible problem. They will will be left with over 45,000,000 unemployed soldiers. Men and women trained in nothing more than the art of war will wander the streets, causing the kind of chaos which could only be dealt with by an army of over 45,000,000 men and women trained in the art of war.

Many will be unable to readjust to a world of peace, and will find themselves slaves to the new drug of Heroin-X, the only opioid to harness the power of lasers.

There will be only one solution, because gone will be the days of buildings motorways, for flying cars will have put an end to roads. Sport! Yes, a sport will be the only way to save the day. The president will produce a bill creating a new kind of sport, the only sport where non-spectatorship is punishable by death, a sport which employs an entire former army.

It is hard for me to predict exactly what the new game will involve, but we can safely assume that it will take place high above the clouds and each side will have over 1000 players.

Former soldiers will find themselves dragged from wartime obscurity to the front page of ESPN cereal box newspapers.

Referees will have to be brought in from the distant future, as robots with futuristic technology, but programmed with the morals of the past. For the Great Referee Riots of the late 21st century will see referees, umpires and judges forced underground.

The cost of shipping for these robots will be immense, because the price is calculated by distance, and will have to take into account the millions of miles which the Earth has moved in its orbit between the present and the future. The solution to cost of these robot referes will be in the form of a tax credit, where families are able to claim back 5% of their tax if they spend 7% of their income on sporting merchandise. That is all I know. Please, ask me no more.

Donovan, L.A.

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