Jesus. Don’t talk to me about the Credit Crunch. Ok, just for a minute then. Yeah, I remember the Credit Crunch. It did my fucking head in. It was just the latest craze like yo-yos and Ben Stiller.

Every single advert on the radio would name drop the Crunch. They were all “Yeah, our Credit Crunch friendly prices, blah fucking blah”. It only took six months for it to become the most fashionable thing in Hollywood. Actresses were turning up on the red carpet wearing plastic bags and saying “Yeah, it’s the credit crunch”, even though they had millions of dollars in the bank and loads of normal expensive clothes in their wardrobes.”

The worst was when Paris Hilton came to the premiere of Rush Hour 5 with a tramp. He was cracked off his face and all she could say was “Credit Crunch” as she shrugged her shoulders with the blankest look in her eyes I’d ever seen.

Actually, that wasn’t the worst; the worst was when Kellogs brought out their Credit
Nut Crunch cereal. It was literally just nuts and sawdust.

Bart, San Diego.

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