The List

Are you TIRED of joining "clubs" that are full of benefits? Finally there's a club that offers nothing! For just/only £1 you can join the club and get your name on The List. There are just/only three billion membership places available, meaning that over half of the world's population will miss out. Now that's EXCLUSIVE.

For an extra pound you can have your name written in bold AND gold, like a Hollywood superstar from the planet Mars.

Simply choose your your membership level and send me your name and date of birth* in the S-E-C-U-R-E Paypal box below and your life will immediately improve by 0%. In fact, it might even get worse! Why wAiT???

Membership Level
Name and Date of Birth

1. Anthony Morcom : 24/04/1985
2. Douglas Clarke-Williams : 18/10/1990
3. Greg Stekelman : 12/02/1975
4. Marcela Gelber : 20/01/1974
5. Richard Holmes : 17/06/1976
6. Kathryn Sian Jones : 17/05/1983
7. Philip McAlary : 06/03/1978
8. Chocolate Squirrel : 11/01/1977
9. Ketren Elliott Smith : 22/10/1974
10. Zach Novak : 21/03/1987
11. John Dunster : 01/12/1984
12. Andrew Seaward : 06/06/1985
13. Andrew Borland : 06/07/1985
14. Sarah Simmons : 13/07/1985
15. Ria O'Hagen : 08/07/1981
16. Christopher Burton : 28/07/1977
17. Anya Driscoll :
18. James Seagrove : 27/06/1985
19. David King : 29/12/1984
20. Richard Somerville : 17/11/1984
21. Mark McGrath : 24/10/1970
22. Gus Erickson : 15/07/1990
23. Zac Wingfield : 24/09/1979
24. Toon Verwaest : 07/02/1984
25. Alex Nelson : 27/07/1979
26. Newpimp Dave Weedfluid : 25/11/1998
27. Joanne Haslam : 11/07/1969

28. Dave Payne : 25/07/1982
29. Ajay Chandra :
30. Dirk Schlobinski : 19/08/1980
31: Fiona Davies : 02/12/1986
32: Ben Englander : 18/06/1983
33. Daniel Riley : 25/07/1990

34. John McCauley: 04/10/1979

35. Vianney Dunne
36. John Griffiths : 11/06/1978

37. Jonathan Charles James-Whitehead : 25/05/1986

38. Kieran Holland
39. Nikki Jones : 06/06/1986
40. Amy Brettell : 26/03/1986
41: James Lewis : 28/06/1985

*Date of birth not required if you want to part of the weird "I'm not giving you my D.O.B" sub-faction. 


  1. lol... 25 bucks already!

  2. Haha!
    I'd give you mine but I'm against paypal!

  3. i dont have a credit card but i still want to join can you lower the price to $0

  4. Could I post you $1?

  5. bahahah!
    dude! you have got to be the funniest/craziest/most original writer i have ever had the pleasure of stumbling upon :) keep it up!! whenever i'm sick of studying i jump onto your site and read a few random articles.

  6. I would give you a 100 just for the idea but I wont xD

  7. can i have your babies instead?


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