I'll never forget the time me and my girlfriend were the last two people on Earth. It was kind of a big deal for us, because we'd only been going out for three months and I was hoping she was going to break up with me soon.
"I guess we'll have to repopulate the world." I said, as I fired my plasma rifle at a radioactive bison.
"Not right now." she said "I've got a headache."

Eleven months later we had our first child. We named him Denise. It was my idea to reboot women's names as names for men. Nobody would know.
"I guess we'd better start trying to make a sister for Denise." I said to my wife, as I parked the space shuttle inside our dormant volcano palace.
"I never really planned on having more than one." she said.
"Yes, but we can't have just one child."
"Why not?" she said "I was an only child and I turned out ok."

Dustin, San Diego.

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