When the warning came on the radio Bob had just four minutes to prepare for Hurricane Cassandra. It was heading straight for the farmhouse where he'd spent his entire life. Maybe the chickens could fly away, but the cows were done for. Bob climbed the stairs to the room where his mother had given birth to him fifty years ago. Nothing had been moved since she'd died last Spring. He opened the drawer beside her bed and pulled out her wedding ring. As he quickly made his way outside to the shelter he began to regret never getting the chance to fall in love. The air was filled with leaves and the heavy winds grew stronger and more violent. He could see Cassandra bearing down on him in the distance. With a trembling sigh he stopped running and got down on one knee. He closed his eyes and held out the ring. And waited.

Flying through the air at 150 mph Bob opened his eyes and realised that he'd made a terrible mistake. A second later his body was split in half as he collided with the tree under which his mother and father had conceived him fifty one years earlier.

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