When scientists announced that in 120 years time a meteor would strike the Earth and wipeout all of mankind, half the people of the world went mad. The other half remained perfectly calm. They would be dead in 120 years time anyway. Those who went mad took to looting, raping and hysterical screaming. This caused a problem for the 50% of the population who wanted to carry on their lives as normal. Nobody wants to get raped and pillaged on their way to work.

A plan was hatched. The looters, the pillagers and the hyserical would go live in the southern hemisphere. The calm would live in the North. At first it seemed a perfect plan, but after ten years of throwing toasters through windows, setting fire to the elderly and writing "Suck Shit!" on bus stops, the hysterical realised that it was no fun if they were just raping and pillaging themselves. Nobody wants to get mugged by the person they're trying to mug.

A message was sent to the North. "We've calmed down." it said. Mankind was united once more. The world was at peace for two days before the raping and pillaging restarted.

In a bid to put the minds of the hysterical at ease, the sane announced that it had all been a terrible mistake. "It was just a speck of dust on the telescope." announced the captain of NASA. The world became tranquil.

And they all lived happily ever after. Until the meteor collided with Earth and everyone died in a sea of fire.

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