Never trust an elf. It seems so obvious when you say it aloud, but in real life they're quite smooth talkers. When he challenged me a game to limbo I thought "Sure, why the heck not?", when he asked me to sign an agreement in blood I just thought "Sure, why the heck not? His pen's probably run out." If there are five words which have done me wrong in my life they are sure, why, the, heck and not. It's mostly my fault. I should have checked that he meant the popular novelty dance, not spending an eternity in Limbo to see who's the first to go insane. Not only are elves smooth talkers, they are very patient. There's no way I'm going to beat him. I probably wouldn't have even beaten him at limbo, because he's half my bloody size.

J. Huntford, Limbo.

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