It became very fashionable to name your child after the place where he or she was concieved. The most high profile one of the early days was Brooklyn Beckham. He was quite the character. It encouraged the working class to go beyond the names of current popstars. No longer would schools be filled with the Kylies or Britneys of the day. Class registers were full of Car-Park, Alley-Way and McDonalds Toilet.

Like most thing it went out of fashion for a while, but then we started to conquer and colonise the universe in the early 23rd Century. After Tom Cruise VIII named his first child Jupiter, place of conception names were once again the rage of the masses. It wasn't long before <(Sector 7-XG) of the Quandrax:8i Colony> was the most popular name for a boy and you couldn't help but feel that the English language had lost some of its romanticism.

Chico, Space!

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